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Time waits for no one

A japan animation movie called “A Girl Who Leapt Through Time” used this Rolling Stone famous title song as a catch phrase in the movie.

Time waits for no one..

A rather simple sentence cover up a scary reality.

In the movie, the girl supposed to be dead but by her will power managed to turn back the time. As she relived her days, she founds that she has the power to turn back the time on her will by falling from a high place. So she did. Over and over. She tried to do things differently to achieve a different future. An expected future, which sadly never really turns out the way she hoped. Not exactly.

Though it’s far from possible in reality, it does make you think for a bit. If you could really play with time, what will you change? What kind of future do you expect? Does one action really assure a certain future? How a single change will turn your life the other way around?

I.. For this matter, wondered, what if I never meet a certain person?

How many things in my life would change if I intentionally missed the chances to meet the people I’m supposed to?

Will I forget about them instantly after that?

What about other person that I got to meet because of that person? Will I forget about them too?

But what’s the point? I met them. The time passed. I got to know them. Regretted or Blessed? As more time passed, i met a lot more people. Time doesn’t even wait for me to decide.

What is exactly time gave to us?

An encounter that cannot be dismissed? An action that cannot be undone? A word that connot be untold?

It sounds antagonistic if I put it that way.

I reflected and I found the best answer with my simple logic.

A chance.

Time gave us chances.

Not to dismissed a regretful encounter. But to look for the best out of everything.

Not to undone an action. But to compensate.

Not to untold a word. But to forgive and be forgiven.

As I learn to accept of what already happened, I got to appreciate my self even more. However foolish those decisions my younger self made, I know enough not to dwell too long over the past.

Time doesn’t wait for you to get over your slump.

Time doesn’t wait for you to learn how to make a better decision.

So along with time, you’re moving on. And another second added to your history. And another moment lay on your memory.

And those memories are what makes you who you are. How you remember things is how you identify your self.

Every person is allowed to regret of who they are today. A dying person, do nothing and will die in vain. A living person, do something and get another chance to be better.

Because time waits for no one.

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Parapappaaa~ parapappaaaa~

Kisses for you if you know that song.. πŸ˜…


April flower is Daisy

Despite such a bright flower, i dont think my April will be that bright

What to doooo

It’s April already 😱 I’m so scaaaaared~ 😫😫😫

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I Watched Logan and I’ll Tell You EVERYTHING About It

So, back to the day I watched it, I had a really bad day. Like BAD DAY. Not all bloody or anything. Just Bad and made me want to scream and shout. But I didn’t. Because I’m all rasional and not on drugs. So I breathed in and breathed out like any normal people would do and thought, “What should I do to fix up my mood and not suicidal (kidding) — I mean, not making anyone around me suicidal –?”

So I just headed up to the nearest Mall and went staight to the cinema. Guess what, Logan, that I thought would not being shown anymore, was, actually showing. There were only 2 schedules left and the lady said today is the last day it would be on screen. I’ve been wanting to watch it badly but I didn’t have time.. And now.. I finally do (not really, but I was there and nobody stopped me, so..) Anyway~ Let’s Go!!

Cinema ticket

So, the movie was scheduled on 18.15, but with all the ads and trailers before it actually start, i thought i would have time for supper. So I did. And I came in at 18.20 and I was late. The movie has started without me. But of course. Who am I anyway~
So, for those who haven’t watch it yet, I’m telling you.. It’s all bloody and loud. And for those who have, I came in on the scene where Logan was slashing those punks for the Limo. Anyway, he was pushed to use his claws and of course the punks died, one with his hand ripped apart, another was decapitated, I think..

After that, it was shown that Logan was driving the Limo as a chauffeur and some dandy pretty wasted boys with metalic suits were his passangers. They were crossing the border from Mexico to US. After that, there was also this scene when Logan was driving what seemed to be like an uptown lady to a funeral, where at the cemetery, Logan was encountered by a Mexican Woman (whom later will be known as Gabriella) who said she needed his help. She called him Wolverine, so we know that she knows that Logan is a mutant. But Logan, as much as he probably freaked out inside, didn’t give much of the woman. The woman then left in her car and as she left, we can see a girl staring back at Logan from the back seat of her car. Yes.. Yes.. The girl is the owner of that small hand on the Poster. Her name is Laura.

Short story cut, Laura is a mutant. Not a natural one, but was made up. And to Logan’s shock, she was made up to be exactly like he was. A wolverine. Or a wolverina? Since it’s a she? Anyway, in addition to the claws on her finger gaps (like Logan’s), Laura also has them on the toe gaps. Yes. It was said to be a gender thing, based on what Charles said using female Lion as reference, female is supposed to be the active hunter one, hence the bonus claws.
And Yes, our dearly bald profesor, was indeed alive. Not sound and not sane. But alive. Apparently he suffered from some neuro-disease that impaired his ability, and by doing so, was actually a danger for him self and his surroundings because of the seizure that came with it causing this – i don’t know what to call it- horrible wave of ultra sound, headache, pain and earthquake. So to prevent that, he had to take shots and pills, which Logan acquired from some doctor in Mexico (hence the chauffeur job in Mexico).

Oh and yes, the other mutants, let’s just considered there were no other mutants that Logan known to be existed at the time except Logan, Charles and one other guy. His name is Caliban. A tall, bald, albino guy with the ability to track people. At first, I thought his ability is similar to Molly from Heroes, but then I remembered, this is X-Men, so I think he was supposed the be the Cerebro thing.

Them three mutants, lived somewhere near the south border, in the middle of desert, in what seemed to be an abandoned building/factory/farm/idk. They needed to hide Charles and restrained his power, so they kept him inside a huge fallen water tank with lots of tiny holes on it (which Caliban said to be leaking out Charles’s power). Anyway, considering the state of their previous hidesout at the X-men school, let’s just say this one.. this one is sad.

So one day, Logan was out at work (yes that means he was inside the Limo), when suddenly there was this guy with blonde hair and robotic right hand came inside the Limo uninvitedly. And just by the look of his face, the way he talk and the gestures he made, we all could know that this guy was bad news. He said, he was looking for Gabriella, and yes we knew who Gabriella was, because i told you before. He came up to Logan, because he knew Gabriella was looking for Logan, and was hoping (we know what bad guys actually meant when they are hoping) Logan would giwe him heads up in case Gabriella found him. Of course, Logan, being all grumpy and did not say anything about his encounter with Gabriella at the cemetery, ordered him to get the hell out of the Limo. So the guy did, after threw out a name card. The name card of the same company that planted the adamantium inside Logan’s body. Yes, bad company.

Later, Logan got a new job to pick up 2 passangers at a Motel in Mexico. And when he arrived at the Motel, it actually Gabriella and Laura were the one that ordered him up. Again, Gabriella begged him to help them. She asked Logan to drive them to someplace in North Dakota, called Eden. They said they have to cross the border now or they will missed their chance to. Gabriella promised Logan 5000$ payment for the job, which actually kind of caught Logan’s attention because he needed the money to buy a ship for him, Charles and Caliban. So, he took the job. He got 2000$ as the down payment and he’ll get the rest when they savely arrived at Eden.

The next day, when he went back to the Motel to pick them up, he found the door was rugged and kicked, and inside, Gabriella sat on the chair. Lifeless. After a few frowning and cursing, Logan snatched Gabriella’s phone (i think he actually meant for the money but couldn’t find it) and got out of the Motel.

When he got back to their hidesout, Caliban found a backpack on the back of Logan’s Limo along with a ball (that was seen to be played by Laura). Little did he knows, Laura had sneaked into the back seat and went along with him to the hidesout. Before Logan could yell angrily, Charles came out to welcome Laura, saying that He knew that she was out there all along. They had been communicating via telepathy since Laura seemed to be muted.

A few scenes later, a car drove in to their hidesout. It turned out to the name card guy being all pissed that Logan didn’t do what he hoped for. But then Logan knocked him out and ordered Caliban to throw the body somewhere in the middle of nowhere. So he did. But when they arrived at nowhere, the name card guy gained concious and turn the table around. Back at the hidesout, Logan knew they must get out of that place immediately when he saw cars marching their way towards the hidesout. So Logan put Charles in the Limo, planned to leave Laura behind. But before he could start the Limo, the marching had arrived along with the name card guy. They knocked old and wounded Logan and sent a few guys inside to grab Laura. After a few groan and shots, Laura came out of the building, unscratched, with a head on her hand. And then things got bloody. That is when Logan realized that Laura is exactly the way he was. Later it was explained that Laura was inseminated from his DNA, making her, his and some dead (in total respectfully manner) mexican woman’s daughter. 

Anyway, they made out of that place after killing some bad guys and barely escaping the rest of them by crossing a train rail with a running train an inch away (reminded me of that scene from one of divergent series). No seeing of Caliban yet.

Logan drove them to a hotel/casino to change clothes, cleaning up, and get some rest. While doing so in their room, Charles and Laura was watching Shane movie when the scene where Shane bid his farewell to Joey was shown. Yes, this is somewhat important because later at the end of the movie, Laura will make a direct quote of what Shane said to Joey in that scene.

Shane – The western movie that Charles and Laura watched in hotel

After making sure that Laura will give the pills and shots to Charles when it’s time, Logan was set off to buy new car for them. When he got back, he saw some earlier bad guys roaming around the casino. He immediately ran off to their room, but before he could touch the Lift, the familiar ultra sound, headache, pain, and earthquake kicked off. Making everybody down to their knees with their hands up on the heads. 
Somewhere around the casino, inside a trailer, there was Caliban in a cage with burn marks because of the name card guy tried to torture information out of him. Ordered him to track Logan. Along with him, inside the trailer, there was alse a man that introduced him self as dr. Rice, who suspected Caliban delaying tye information of the trio’s where about, to save them. Dr. Rice was the brain behind the operation and also apparently was the son of the doctor who put adamantium into Logan in the first place.

Struggled, Logan tried to reach out to their room. When he barely arrived there, a few guys had already there with the guns, also struggling with the disastrous wave that Charles’s seizure caused. Down on the floor, Laura tried hard to reach Charles with the shot in her hand. While killing off guys on his way to Charles, he finally succeded to give Charles the shot from Laura and stop the seizure.

On their new car, getting away from the casino, it was revealed that, once, Charles had a seizure so badly it killed of almost every mutants. Except the remaining three. 

From the video in Gabriella’s phone, they found out the backstory of Laura’s being. That the company was making mutants by inseminating deceased mutant’s genes into mexican women. The borned mutant kids were then treated as tools and weapon, fed with experiments. They were give a code name, like X-23 for Laura (as was shown on her file in her bag). It went on until finally they ordered to shut the operation down, as a sign that they were finally succesfully made the ultimate mutant weapon. The mutant kids that were seen as failure are killed. Some, with the help of the nurses are managed to escape, with Gabriella was one of the nurses and Laura was one of the mutant kids.

So, with the promise he made to Gabriella to bring Laura to Eden, Logan, Charles and Laura were driving their way to North Dakota. In their way, they almost had a collision but managed to get away. But in the process a trailer that brought along horses with them were falling to the side of the road. After convincing Logan to help the car, Charles used his telepathic ability to make the escaping horses came back to the trailer. As a sign of gratitude, the owner, which were a family of three (father, mother and son), invited them to have dinner at their house. They accepted (well, Charles did) as Logan was forcefuly went along with whatever “his supposed to be father”-Charles, said.

After dinner, they decided to rest for the night at the owner’s house (again, Charles’s decision), when suddenly the water went off. The father said that a company bought all the land around his house and had been jacking their water ever since. They had to drive a couple km to fix it and Logan (forced by Charles) offered to help. At the water tank place, after fixing it, a few man came to messed with them. After a little humps and bumps, Logan managed to make the drove away.

Back in the house, Charles was seen to be fixed to bed while Laura was laying, pretending to sleep, on the floor. While Charles was mumbling about life and perfect night to who he thought to be Logan’s coming closer, claws very similar to Logan’s suddenly stab his chest. It was, apparently not Logan, instead, it was a figure strangely very similar to Logan, except with the hair and other distinct details like wrinkles and gray hairs. But other than that, it was an exact copy of Logan.

Immediately after stabing Charles, Laura went mad after the fake Logan. But the fake Logan appeared to be stronger than she was as it managed to cuffed Laura with the special cuff while killing the owner’s son and wife. While went down the stairs, fake Logan, with Laura on it’s shoulder, wounded the father that just came in after hearing his wife’s scream. Puzzled with the sight of another him in front of his face, Logan dashed to Charles’s room, ignoring the screaming Laura on the other Logan’s shoulder.

In the room, Charles laid on the bed, all bloody, dying. Logan reached out to Charles’s body while repeatedly saying “It wasn’t me.. It wasn’t me..”, as he started to figure out that Charles was almost definitely stabbed by the other him and the fact that the murderer’s face that Charles saw also most definitely was Logan’s face.

Logan carried out Charles body while regretfully walked by the owner’s son’s and wife’s bodies. But the father’s body was nowhere to be seen.

Outside, while Logan putting Charles on the back of their car, Laura still fighting over her freedom from the cuff. Fake Logan (which was called 24 by dr. Rice–from X-24–, making Laura was the mutant that made right before him) walked on to the trailer with dr. Rice, Caliban, the name card guy and other bad guys inside, a few cars came close to the house. The men that was messing around with Logan and the owner back at the water pace was back with some friends. 

Remembering Logan’s face, one of the men called out to fake Logan. Fake Logan responded by dropping down Laura on the ground and came out to their call. And as what you expected to happen, he slaughtered them all. Panicked dr. Rice inside the trailer ordered his guys to stopped fake Logan. But before they even got out of the trailer, Caliban had another plan. He snatched two grenades from it’s place and pull their pins. The trailer blew up along with it’s passangers. Good bye Caliban~

Back to fake Logan, after slaughtering all the men, he came back to grab Laura. But then, Logan stormed out after Charles passed away on the car. It’s like a fight scene between twins, and one of them was obviously stronger than the other. Unfortunately, the losing twin is the real Logan, he was old, wounded and poisoned by the Adamantium. When fake Logan almost beaten Logan up, out of nowhere the owner drove a car over fake Logan and stabbed him with whatever it is that was attached to the car. If that wasn’t enough, the owner also shot him couple of times. Just to be sure. After that he turned his back to Logan, getting ready to shot him too, but sadly collapsed dead before he did. 

With all the power he had left, Logan grab Laura onto the car and drove them away from that place. Somewhere after that, they were standing beside what appeared to be Charles’s grave. Filled with grieve, unable to speak any words, Logan lashed out his anger to the car that failed to start up and exhausting his last power until he black out on the road.

Woke up to the sight of a clinic room’s ceiling, Logan found that some of his wounds are all patched and did not heal by it self. After forcing his way out of the room and found Laura sitting outside waiting for him, he hurriedly got out of the clinic with Laura to the car that somehow Laura’s managed get.

In the car, Laura finally said her first line ever thorought the movie. She insisted to go to Eden while Logan was pretty much sure that Eden was a made up place that Gabriella got from X-Men comic book inside Laura’s bag. Failed to convice Laura, Logan finally agreed to drove her to North Dakota just to prove his point. 

Exhausted Logan didn’t managed to drove them all the way there. Only half of it, while the other half was accomplished by Laura’s driving. And to his surprise, Eden is actually existed. It was a woody cabin up on the cliff that was filled by mutant kids from the facility. Laura’s friends.

With the help of the kids and the green liquid (that will make you stronger in small dosage but crazy if taken full), Logan managed to partly healed him self, but will never be strong enough as the adamantium was affecting him heavily. 

When he woke up, Laura brought up a bullet that he found on Logan’s pocket. The adamantium bullet that originally was meant to remind him of who he is. But lately, he kept it so he can blew his head off anytime he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore. As Logan fell back into sleep, Laura took the bullet and kept it for her self and also for Logan’s sake, since Charles last hope to her is not to let Logan killed him self.

The kids planned to crossed the north border at dawn and Laura was pissed that Logan did not plan to come along with. As the morning came, when Logan awoke, the cabin was empty. The kids had left, leaving him in the cabin with a bottle of the green liquid along with the reminder not to take it all at once.

Worried Logan went outside to found that the company’s cars are marching towards the direction where the kids were planned to go. He knew He got to save them.

So he grab small supplies along with the green liquid and ran off to save the kids.

In the woods, the bad guys had already reached to the kids, capturing them, killing them on the spot if they fought. With the current condition, Logan wont managed to be there on time. So he took all the green liquid all at once that gave him an instant but temporary power.

He stormed out, along with Laura, killed every bad guys on their way until none left. Except the primary bad guys of course. Logan and laura were sneaking behind where the captured kids were kept. The plan was Laura to gank up with the kids and Logan to confront the bad guys.

And magically (not really), the name card guy that we thought were blown away by Caliban’s grenade was alive and in one healthy piece. But not for long, because soon after, he will be dead by the compilation of the kids mutant’s powers. Yeah.. Horrible way to die. 

And of course, for the last battle, the ultimate mutant weapon, once again making it’s appearence. The fake Logan vs Logan. With the help of Laura and the kids leader (i forgot his name, something with R). But when they thought it was over, of course it was not. The fake Logan was not so dead, and instead of that, he attacked dying Logan (that has lost his green liquid power effect and is totally poisoned by the adamantium he cannot healed him self any-ever-more) and pushed him to a log and was stabbed by it’s sharp end. 

Laura, still with her power to fight, grab a gun that was laying on the ground and put the adamantium bullet she kept and pulled the trigger towards the fake Logan. Blew his head off in one shot.

But Logan is powerless, even with Laura’s all might to get him off the sharp log, he could not be saved. For the last moment she had with Logan, she whispered  “Dad” to Logan.

And then, he died.

With the help from the rest of the kids, they buried Logan there, also gave the grave a cross mark with twigs. As the last words, Laura recite the dialog from that Shane movie that she watched with Charles at the hotel.

A man has to be what he is, Joey. … There is no living with a killing. There is no going back from one. Right or wrong, it’s a brand. A brand sticks. There’s no going back. Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her that everything’s all right. And there aren’t anymore guns in the valley.

As they finally have to leave the place immediately, Laura came back a bit just to move the position of the cross. She rotate it down so it became an X mark.

X for X-Man..


And that is how I fixed up my mood that day. Phew~ I think this is the longest I wrote in english ever this year.


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Why You Blogging

Because I want to tell stories. About what I did today or yesterday. About random things that happen to be funny. About feelings and the sad things that come with it.

Because I want to tell stories. To friends that I don’t have. To families that happen to be miles away. To important person that do not to care.

Also because of my narcissistic personality that believed everybody want to hear my stories.

That. Or I’m just delusional.

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Lost Things

You won’t realize how precious something is until you lost it.

In this case it doesn’t work that way. Why? Because I know how precious it is and I did take a very good care of it before it’s gone. And now it’s gone, I’m heart broken, devastated, and any other words that describe how sad I am right now.

So, what ‘it‘ is?

This is it

This is a one minute creation on instagram story of my precious pencil case. 

What makes it precious? Well, for one, it’s cute. For two, the flower was not originally part of the pencil case. My good friend gave it too me and I decided to put it there because the colours match and it looked like it belong there. What makes it even more precious are the things inside. 4 Years worth of cute and highly functional stationaries. And now, the pencil case and everything attached to it are gone.

So, maybe you’ll wonder. How could I lose something that precious if I really did took good care of it? The answer is, I don’t know. I don’t even remember when was the last time I had them in my hand. It happened around 2 latest week when my hands mobility were restricted (how cryptic..). And now that it’s free. I can’t find it. Anywhere!!!!

It’s not in my loft. It’s not at my home. It’s not at the lab. It’s not at the office. I’m pretty sure I won’t left it someplace random that I visited. I thought I maybe left it on my friend’s loft, but she said I didn’t. So… I’m all out of option here.

Sure.. I can always buy a new one. Fill it with new things. I mean, come on, this is not the first time I lost things, hell, I lost things everytime. So, why all the drama?

Well, sometimes, and I mean, most of the times. When I lost things, and decided to buy a new one, the lost things will turn up after I bought the new one. It’s one thing if I didn’t put much effort on to looking for it. Maybe I just being careless. Maybe it just slipped my sight. That would be okay. But this time, I did look thoroughly, I put every effort, and I thought every possible possibilities. It would be super annoying if I finally decided to buy new everything and then suddenly my lost things fall out of nowhere. 

And that is why I put all my might to restrain my self from buying new stuff. I don’t want to have double of everything when I finally found the lost ones after I bought the new ones. It would be a waste of money and really sad and ironic. 

So.. NO!!!!!

Now, I can’t write and draw, and that feels like something caught in my throat, because I really want to write and draw and do stuff with my precious pencil case and stationaries that currently, sadly, once more I have to say, ARE GONE!!!

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Hello March~

I have this other monthly project thing.

I called it Monthly Flower Project.

So, google say March flower is Daffodil.

I just realized I didn’t post the February one… πŸ˜…

I’ll put that one here to..

This one is violet..

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February Crochet Project

Mr. Rabbit with his lunch. My February Crochet Project

😰 it’s March 7th already~!!

I’m supposed to post this at the end of February but I was delayed. 😳

But I swear I finished this before March began~ so yeay…

So if anyone wondered (nobody? Okay). Well, IF ANYONE wondered what is that suppose to be. I’ll tell you. It’s a rabbit~

With the long ears and carrot, i thought that it’s kind of obvious. And no.. It’s not just the head, because….

The little butt.. I mean.. tail

Yes!!! It’s actually full body because I made a cute little tail at the back~!!! So it’s not just a rabbit head.
My cousin ask me for the pattern of this rabbit, which of course I don’t have. I can’t read crochet pattern. I don’t even know what kind of stitches these are…

I know I need to learn about how to read pattern soon If I want to improve my next project. So I need someone to teach me or at least a book to read about it…

Aaah.. Do I even have time for that 😰

Lately I feel like I’ve lost grip of my life. Like nothing I’ve planned actually happen. Everything went out of my timeline. Nothing went well. Plus with my current accident.. I have to postpone almost everything. I never imagine that it would be this hard to only have one working hand. Thank god it’s my dominant hand, my right hand, that is working. I can’t imagine if it was my right hand that got hurt. 😰 It also is the reason why I haven’t start doing my march project yet. It is actually difficult to crochet with one hand. But I think I would be able to start this weekend since my left hand has gotten so much better.


I have planned what I’m going to make for my march project. It’s actually a request from a friend. I think it would be easy so my target is to make another one for this month. I haven’t thought about the other one yet.

Well, with everything that is going on in my life right now.. yeah.. not so fine. I think it’s a good thing to have something to be optimistic about. At least it’s making me happy and keeping me busy. Because everyone, if you are not busy, god knows what you will do with your time!! Not so nice stuff.. Geez~

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1% Galau

Hujan itu 99% air, 1% kenangan

Ini quote milik siapa sih? Yang jelas, bukan milik ifah. Quote ini, quote yang lazim terlontar ketika hujan mengguyur. Ada aja yang iseng. Eh gak tau iseng atau bukan sih.. Gimana orangnya aja itu mah. Ya mungkin juga, bagi dia memang ada 1% kenangan yang terkandung dalam setiap hujan yang turun.

Ifah belum pernah survey, tapi ifah yakin, nggak hanya satu atau dua orang di dunia ini yang merasa hujan itu bikin galau. Pertanyaannya bisa jadi, “apa iya?” , atau sebatas “kenapa?”

Apa iya hujan bikin galau?


Kenapa hujan bikin galau?

Pertanyaan mana yang dipilih, itu tergantung kepercayaan masing-masing. Yang percaya hujan memang bikin galau, mungkin akan mempertanyakan kenapa. Yang nggak percaya, mungkin akan mempertanyakan kebenarannya, apa iya.

Ah.. Galau memang. Kata hits zaman sekarang. Apa juga yang nggak jelas disimpulkan jadi galau. Padahal gak tau juga definisi galau menurut KBBI apaan. 

Harus ifah akui, galau atau bukan, hujan memang selalu memunculkan perasaan yang menggantung. Entah perasaan apa itu namanya, mungkin juga keentahan itu yang menyebabkan galau.

Tapi, coba pikir kayak gini. Andaikan aja benerlah hujan bikin galau, apakah itu artinya masyarakat yang tinggal di daerah dengan curah hujan yang tinggi memiliki intensitas kegalauan yang lebih tinggi? Bagaimana dengan mereka yang tinggal di daerah dengan curah hujan yang rendah? Adakah yang pernah membandingkan intensitas kegalauan warga London dengan Mesir? Atau jangan jauh-jauh deh.. Bogor dengan Jakarta aja..

Ifah rasa kalau ditaro seperti itu, nampaknya nggak masuk akal kalau ada korelasi antara hujan dan galau.

Hujan yang rajin mampir ke Bogor nggak akan menjadikan warga Bogor lebih galau dibandingkan warga Jakarta. Sama halnya dengan warga Jakarta nggak berarti lebih nggak galau dibandingkan warga Bogor. 

Terus gimana dengan 1% kenangan yang terkandung dalam hujan? Ah.. Ya mungkin ada benarnya. Semua orang juga punya kenangan di kala hujan. Suasana yang familiar membuat suatu kenangan kembali terkenang. Seperti deja vu, bedanya kenangan bukan sekedar perasaan pernah terjadi, tapi memang pernah, sudah, terjadi.

Kalaulah kenangannya sama mantan dan akhirnya bikin galau, ya berarti bukan salah hujan kamu galau. Salah sendiri memilih kenangan buat dikenangnya yang galau galau. Kurang-kuranginlah, giliran hujan tuh jangan selalu dipake buat mengenang. Bikin kenangan baru apa susahnya sih? Ketika hujan selanjutnya dan kamu memang gak ada kerjaan lain kecuali untuk mengenang, pilihlah kenangan yang nggak bikin galau..

Ada banyak cara untuk melewati hujan. Caranya bisa kamu pilih sendiri. Karena untuk galau atau nggak, mengenang atau nggak, itu semua pilihan. Bukan kewajiban yang datang bersama hujan.