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My Dad


This is my drawing of my dad.

He just turned 55 years old yesterday (13/9). So.. Happy birthday to my dad.

I drew this on my little brother’s sketch book without his permission, guess he’ll be surprised to see my drawings all over his sketch book when he got home~ πŸ˜… sorry πŸ™‡

My dad was away, driving my little sister to campus when I drew it this morning. It was an impulsive action when I saw the sketch book ‘hidden’ under the table.

I thought, why not draw my dad since yesterday was his birthday and I didn’t get him anything~

Well, we never really give anything to anyone in their birthday. Guess birthday is not such a big deal to my family. And I agree, it is not. Why do you have to celebrate the day when you officially got one year less left to live?? It doesn’t make any sense.

The only reason a birthday is a day to remember is because we feel thankful that this person was born to this world today, a few years ago. And I am thankful for my dad for being born for any possible reasons available. Obviously~ 😁

So yes, in order to be thankful, it has became a ‘ritual’ for me to draw my family’s faces on their birthday every years.

I also drew my dad last year on his birthday. A realist one with all the wrinkles and shading. It wasn’t that good though πŸ˜‚

I posted it on instagram last year, and i wished to graduate next year (which would be this year) so he wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Dramaga to get to my campus. Which require a lot (a hell lot) of effort to do with the traffic, weather and other things.

We all know that the wish has a very small possibility to happen because, well.. Here I am. Still researching and sampling and bla bla bla. Yeah.. Whatever.

Anyway, this year I decided to draw the ‘cute’ and ‘smol’ version of him because of.. well.. it’s just the mood I think πŸ˜… can’t really control it~

I posted it (again) on my instagram, with this caption.

πŸ‘‘ I always think he looks like the older (and asian) version of Varamir from The Lord of the Rings movie due to his beard and hair-cut (which i also think is his best feature)

πŸ“ Β He is the source of that “tall gene” in my family

🐦 He loves making riddles about bird and none of us know why he love it so much because despite being a biologist, bird is not his speciality

πŸ“·πŸŽ€ Photography and singing are probably his hobbies

πŸ‘¨ And those are a few facts about My Dad, The man who just turned 55 years old, yesterday~

Yeay~ 😎

It’s an honest thought of a daughter to her father. As honest as it can be.

I do think my father looks like Varamir. You don’t know him? He is that character in Lord of The Rings, Boromir’s little brother, the one that ended up with Eowyn at Aragorn crowning ceremony. Anyway.. It’s him. And my father looks like him. A little older and lot more Asian. But the really do look a like. I don’t know who’s the actor who played as Varamir though. Hmmm.. I’ll look it up later~

And yessss~ my dad’s hair. It’s my favorite feature of him. I just think his hair style is amazing. It made him looks somewhat royal plus with the beard and everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Ah.. For the record, despite looking good on him, I HATE my dad’s beard. They’re spikey and it hurts when he tries to kiss my cheek. He always kiss our cheek on Idul Fitri and we always try to run away 😁✌ peace Dad.

And about the bird riddle thing. It’s a mystery where all those riddles come from. He always start it with “Burung apa yah, yang…..”. ALWAYS!! With that sentence and low key voice. It’s like his signature. And no matter how lame the riddle is, we always try to answer it with all our might. Aren’t we nice and sweet kids~ 😊

He used to like photography a lot. I think he still does, but just too busy to go out to have some photo session with him self. Now days he really into singing. I’m thinking about getting him a karaoke machine after I graduate so we all can just sing our heart out together. That would be fun 😁

And yes..

That is my dad, the one and only 😎



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