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Dr. Spencer Reid


First known him when I first watched one of Criminal Minds episodes. He played as Dr. Spencer Reid, the genius boy of the BAU Team, Gideon’s pupil, with huge and thick glasses and shiny hair.

I remember when Hotch made a comment when Reid finally change his hairstyle a few seasons later, “What, you joined a boy band?”. That was hillarious 😂

After that, I found him played an unsignificant character as the lead-role’s best-friend on “500 Days of Summer”. I watched it because I knew Zoe was on it and this guy appeared out of nowhere was a pleasant surprise.

CM is absolutely my favorite serial, of course besides Supernatural and Grimm, but Dr. Spencer Reid is the character that cathes my eye. And ‘knowing’ the man behind the genius character is.. well let’s just say I’m a proud fan 😅.

I’m not an avid fan. My fan-activites other than watching CM episodes over and over again, would be following his instagram account and pinned everything related to him on pinterest. Oh well, I did watch Suburban Gothic because he promoted it so much on his IG. (What should I say about that movie.. I get the humor but I guess it’s too.. vulgar? Yes.. I guess vulgar is the appropriate term. It’s too vulgar for my taste.)

This is my second  fan-art of him and I would say, this is far better than the first. 😅

Well, everyone.. Say Hi to my version of Matthew Gray Gubler.



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