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Have you ever wake up in the morning, not to your alarm, but just waking up for no reason. Just opening your eyes and realizing it’s another morning in another day and slowly reach out to your phone to check out for the time, not because you’re afraid that you might late for something, but just out of curiousity. What time is it?

And it’s a reasonable time to wake up. And a few minutes later, your alarm going off like it supposed to. And you calmly turn it off, not because it’s noisy and you want five more minutes with your dream, but just because you are awake already.

You push your hands against your bed to lift your body so you could sit on your bed. And that thought come across your mind.

What am I going to do today?

You didn’t make any plan for today. You’ve checked it on your Planner last night and you haven’t decided on anything since then.

Of course, lots of ideas came to your mind.

Should I clean the room again for the second time of the week?

Should I wash my shoes that I just washed last week?

Should I go to salon to randomly cut my hair?

Should I go to theatre by my self and watching some random movies they play?

Should I refill my snacks stock?

Should I ask my friends to hang out with me?

Do I have any friends to hang out with?

Should I text this boy that I’ve been awkward with lately?

Should I drown my self with my books that I’ve read too many times?

Should I went back to sleep?

You get it. Lots of ‘should I’ happening.

And when I ask my self should I?, it usually ended up with no you shouldn’t.

So you just stay on your sitting position and stare into blank space for a few more minutes, until finally the biological morning routine urges. At least it saves you a few minutes for not doing anything.

And when you’re done.. You repeat what you were doing before your previous activity.

That’s when your alarm go off again for the second time of the day like it supposed to, because you set it so many times to wake the lazy you up on busy days.

And then, a new idea comes up because you accidentally see a new notification on your blog.

Let’s write something random on my blog!!

And that.. Is how this post created.

And after this post it finally published, i’ll start to think again about what to do next.



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