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Inktober: The Tough Journey on October 6th


So, yesterday.. October 6th I had a rare trip to Jakarta. The easiest way to arrived there is by train. And I LOVE train riding!!


Well, I’d never commuted by train while I was in Bandung. Had never been on a train or even the station. My first train experience would be in Bogor, on my first year of college, when me and my friends went to visit one of our friend’s dad that had been hospitalized at Jakarta. It was the very first time I’ve ever stepped my foot on a Train Station and it was kind off amusing!!

So I think the reason for my love to Trains is because it’s a rare experience for me. I probably would lose my love if I ride it frequently enough, so let’s keep it as rare as we can~


My Train Pose

Yesterday, my friend ask me to accompany her to Jakarta to pick up some souvenirs for her big day which I am not allowed to say.

The souvenirs was a hundred customized glass bowls. Yes.. A hundred. Imagine how heavy it was. And there was only two of us, petite and weak and pretty little girls~ (yeah.. Not so much 😅)

Anyway, we managed to carry the bowls from the store to the station by our self without any helping tools. It was craaaaazy heavy!!!!

But at least when we finally on the train, we could place the bowls on the floor and nobody complained. The problem came when the flood of people also came into the train because we rode it on rush hour. Crazy crowded and we didn’t get to sit. We were exhausted and it was a long way back to Bogor and the train stopped too many times. 
Our fight wasn’t over because we still had to carry the bowl out of the train station. 

Good thing is my friend’s uncle came to pick up the bowl so we didn’t have to carry the bowls all the way to her home. Thank god. I don’t think I would survive another hump and bump with that bowls. Fyuuuuh~

As soon as I parted way with my friend, her uncle and those bowls, I rushed my way back to campus because I made a promise to meet up with my highschool/college mates. One of us just finished her seminar, so we were kind of celebrating~

Meet Up

And after that I went home and just laid on the bed and felt happy with everything I accomplished today.

When I woke up in the morning, i feel sore all over my body. God, it hurts. It still hurt now..

Man… I’m beat 😳😳😳😳😳



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