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Instagram Stories is the new Paper

So, if you’re an instagram user you must have known about this new feature.

Some people like it some people don’t. Some people say it’s like a bad version of snap chat some people don’t even know what snap chat is.

Anyway, there are lots of opinions about this story thing.

Me personally, i HATE it when they first launched it. Why?

The only reason is because it crashed the instagram. Not that it suddenly closed by it self or anything, it just the instagram wouldn’t load the pictures on the timeline or feed. I had to “clear data and caches” to make it work again. I would have to re-log-in and after that usually the instagram back to the old theme, without the stories. So back then, I assumed, the story feature is the cause of the misbehave of instagram. It’s either there was something wrong with the programming or that it just couldn’t work on 4G connection yet. I don’t know.

But whatever the reason was, they fixed it. And now, my Instagram is working just fine with the story feature. And now that it works perfectly, i fell in love the new feature.

Here is my reason.

It’s not thanks to the snap-chat-like-function because I barely use snap-chat. It’s simply because, I can draw anything I want everytime I want with colorful pen and things~

My favorite part is the glowing-stick-like thing. I just capture a blank black photo by covering my camera and draw things with the glowing-stick-like-thing and I love the glowing-board-lamp-like result. It’s like Vegas on my phone~ 🔅😍



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