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Inktober: Long Jump to October 23rd~!! Or.. 22nd~

I missed some days!! Being unhealthy is soooo not helping with this daily project 😳

Anyway, the last one was for October 18th. And now we have a long-jump to October 23rd~!! That’s okay, nobody cares~

It has been a rainy week~ like always in here, but heavier and lot more frequently.

And since it was October 23rd.. Somebody gave me something essential for a citizen of the Rain City

Now I’m officialy back to being the tall girl with bright orange umbrella 

And what’s with the since it was October 23rd ??

Well, iiiiiiiiit’s MY BIRTHDAY~!!!! 🎂

and now I live in Tailor Swift song~ Wohoooo~!!

Yes yes.. Thank you~ 🌻



@ifahoren on instagram

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