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November project?

Well, now that October ends.. or.. ended.. I got nothing left to do.

Hmm.. Probably not nothing, since I’ve been actually busy with.. my future.. God~ let’s not talk about that 😩

Anyway.. I’ve been thinking about what kind of project I should do for November, because Inktober was so much fun. It’s kind of taking my mind off things~ I actually googled it. What kind of project available on November?

There’s a list.. That I couldn’t remember. Most of November’s projects that I could find was all about literacy and friends. Like, making a novel in november or one poet a day on november .. They even have the abbrevation for them, no-something-something…i don’t remember. The point is.. I don’t think I’m interested

So, I was like..

Why don’t you make your own project? Because you’re so creative and all (yea~ not so much).. And because you might go nuts if you don’t have anything to take your minds of things

Yes, and I’ve been looking for some options since then..

Maybe a crafty project? I made this a couple of days ago

I was walking down the street and just randomly stop at this shop that sells that kind of stuff and.. This happen~

Certain things that need to be considered are, this project actually cost me. I need to buy the materials, which even though they’re not pricey, but compare to Inktober which cost me pretty much nothing.. I have to take second thought~

The second option is.. Well I don’t know what to call this one..

Did this with koi on the same paper from inktober

Yepp, I’m thinking a watercolour project. But not just take a photo of the finished result, I also took ones for the process. So the ending photo would be like that one 👆, like in steps..
It doesn’t cost me anything, just like Inktober. Though I’m thinking of buying a new sketchbook, the watercolour one. Because this one, they all peeled off due to the water from my watercolour..

So.. Yeah.. I think I’ll go with the second one. Don’t know if I found other project ideas midway though~

Hmm.. Need to find a better name for the project 😕



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