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Feeling Blue and Failed November Project

It’s 26th November and November is coming to end.

My friend in Portland told me that the months that end with -ber are the best. October, November and December. Well obviously since majority of Americans celebrate something on those -ber’s months. Haloween on October, Thanksgiving on November and Christmast on December. Though to me, he always seems to celebrate something every months 😅.

Well, I do like October, since it is my birthmonth and this year’s October was quite fun with inktober and all. 

I was trying my hardest to make this November fun. I planned a project but I just couldn’t keep up with it. And something, something that I’ve been doing for the whole year has ended this November. I may call it a responsibility but it has grown on me and I start to miss it. It makes me feel blue all month. I have stuffs to keep me busy, but it doesn’t make it fun. It just like a boring routine that I’m forced to do everyday.

And now, it’s four days left until December. I just give up on my November project and all those efforts to make a fun November. I don’t remember how I felt last November or other Novembers before that. There’s no particular fond memory that stuck in my head so I just assume I never really have a thing for November. It’s just that month that come after October.



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