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Voluntary Art Works and Commission for Complete Stranger

Well, the title is explicit enough I think πŸ˜… . I want to talk about the art works that I made voluntarily and the commissions I did for complete strangers..

Lately I’ve been having art blocks. I didn’t draw anything for the whole week.. Hell.. I didn’t even touch my pencil πŸ˜‚. I didn’t have any inspiration and even if I did, I decided that it was bad inspiration (is there anything called “bad inspiration”? I don’t know~)

I have this friend.. He sometimes send me things.. Videos.. Pictures.. Anything..  Othere people’s works.. Basically ideas. Things that he thinks are cool or he thinks I would think are cool. They help. Once, twice… Other times when I’m not in the mood, well, that means most of the time.. they are not any help. They just not..

But today..

Today I made lots.. Man~ I made plenty of artworks today. Faces, icons, doodles, flowers, stuffs.. Important stuffs.. Not-so-important stuffs.. I created things today.

And somehow.. Everything feels better. All the slumps.. The bad moods.. They all gone~ Guess, I do like drawing a lot, huh? πŸ˜…

So, where are those ideas came from?

I don’t know. No where I guess~ They just appeared. And it started from an art work. A voluntary work. A commission for a complete stranger.

So, this girl. I don’t know who suddenly DM-ing me via Instagram saying she loves my artworks. I, who wasn’t in the mood at the time.. Simply replied with a short thank you. But the conversation continued. She talked about how nice it would be to be drawn by me. And I was like.. Geez, who the hell is this girl~? But then I was like, meh~ why not~? 

So I drew her.. A simple one. Not very artistic or realistic. It didn’t take much effort. But she was very happy when I sent it to her. She posted it immediately on her page and mentioned me on the caption. After that.. I was.. Hmm.. I don’t know how to explain this.. Flustered? Mesmerized?

The fact that the work that I made half-heartedly just made some random girl happy, is making me happy. I don’t even know her, nobody I follow, follows her account, she lived across the island, there is no way our lifes crossed path before. But, she, out of no where, came to me, asked a favour, and I did it, knowing that nothing good or bad will come out of it, and it turns out that I just made both of us weirdly happy πŸ˜‚

And after that, my hand just moved, the ideas just flowed, and pictures are made~ They are not post-worthy but I came from no creation to spent-the-whole-sketch-book. Now I need to buy a new one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Today, a few other commissions came to me. They want me to draw their faces, their friends’s faces, their pets, some random anime characters, an icon for a group, cute ones, realistic ones. And I did all of it, voluntarily, and I am actually happy.

You know that saying? “Never do something you’re good at for free” ? Who said that? Well, apart from he/she (whoever’s that quote belong to) is probably right, and probably has became very rich and succesfull by following their own quote.. I, today, proved that, nothing is wrong with, “Do whatever you’re good at for free” . Because, maybe.. just maybe, it would make you.. VERY HAPPY.

Ah.. Note to everybody.. If it comes the time when you are having too much happiness but kind of low on money, you might want to consider the don’t do it for free quote~



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