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Time waits for no one

A japan animation movie called “A Girl Who Leapt Through Time” used this Rolling Stone famous title song as a catch phrase in the movie.

Time waits for no one..

A rather simple sentence cover up a scary reality.

In the movie, the girl supposed to be dead but by her will power managed to turn back the time. As she relived her days, she founds that she has the power to turn back the time on her will by falling from a high place. So she did. Over and over. She tried to do things differently to achieve a different future. An expected future, which sadly never really turns out the way she hoped. Not exactly.

Though it’s far from possible in reality, it does make you think for a bit. If you could really play with time, what will you change? What kind of future do you expect? Does one action really assure a certain future? How a single change will turn your life the other way around?

I.. For this matter, wondered, what if I never meet a certain person?

How many things in my life would change if I intentionally missed the chances to meet the people I’m supposed to?

Will I forget about them instantly after that?

What about other person that I got to meet because of that person? Will I forget about them too?

But what’s the point? I met them. The time passed. I got to know them. Regretted or Blessed? As more time passed, i met a lot more people. Time doesn’t even wait for me to decide.

What is exactly time gave to us?

An encounter that cannot be dismissed? An action that cannot be undone? A word that connot be untold?

It sounds antagonistic if I put it that way.

I reflected and I found the best answer with my simple logic.

A chance.

Time gave us chances.

Not to dismissed a regretful encounter. But to look for the best out of everything.

Not to undone an action. But to compensate.

Not to untold a word. But to forgive and be forgiven.

As I learn to accept of what already happened, I got to appreciate my self even more. However foolish those decisions my younger self made, I know enough not to dwell too long over the past.

Time doesn’t wait for you to get over your slump.

Time doesn’t wait for you to learn how to make a better decision.

So along with time, you’re moving on. And another second added to your history. And another moment lay on your memory.

And those memories are what makes you who you are. How you remember things is how you identify your self.

Every person is allowed to regret of who they are today. A dying person, do nothing and will die in vain. A living person, do something and get another chance to be better.

Because time waits for no one.



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6 thoughts on “Time waits for no one

  1. Itu anime yang sudah lama saya tonton.. Ketika saya tonton itu anime pertama kali, saya juga merasakan sesuatu.. Sesuatu yang tidak bisa diungkapkan lewat kata-kata atau tulisan.. Dan ketika saya baca postingan ini, (kurang lebih) saya merasa membaca pikiran saya waktu itu, haha.. Keren! B)
    Terima kasih atas postingannya..!!! 😀


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