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Lost Things

You won’t realize how precious something is until you lost it.

In this case it doesn’t work that way. Why? Because I know how precious it is and I did take a very good care of it before it’s gone. And now it’s gone, I’m heart broken, devastated, and any other words that describe how sad I am right now.

So, what ‘it‘ is?

This is it

This is a one minute creation on instagram story of my precious pencil case. 

What makes it precious? Well, for one, it’s cute. For two, the flower was not originally part of the pencil case. My good friend gave it too me and I decided to put it there because the colours match and it looked like it belong there. What makes it even more precious are the things inside. 4 Years worth of cute and highly functional stationaries. And now, the pencil case and everything attached to it are gone.

So, maybe you’ll wonder. How could I lose something that precious if I really did took good care of it? The answer is, I don’t know. I don’t even remember when was the last time I had them in my hand. It happened around 2 latest week when my hands mobility were restricted (how cryptic..). And now that it’s free. I can’t find it. Anywhere!!!!

It’s not in my loft. It’s not at my home. It’s not at the lab. It’s not at the office. I’m pretty sure I won’t left it someplace random that I visited. I thought I maybe left it on my friend’s loft, but she said I didn’t. So… I’m all out of option here.

Sure.. I can always buy a new one. Fill it with new things. I mean, come on, this is not the first time I lost things, hell, I lost things everytime. So, why all the drama?

Well, sometimes, and I mean, most of the times. When I lost things, and decided to buy a new one, the lost things will turn up after I bought the new one. It’s one thing if I didn’t put much effort on to looking for it. Maybe I just being careless. Maybe it just slipped my sight. That would be okay. But this time, I did look thoroughly, I put every effort, and I thought every possible possibilities. It would be super annoying if I finally decided to buy new everything and then suddenly my lost things fall out of nowhere. 

And that is why I put all my might to restrain my self from buying new stuff. I don’t want to have double of everything when I finally found the lost ones after I bought the new ones. It would be a waste of money and really sad and ironic. 

So.. NO!!!!!

Now, I can’t write and draw, and that feels like something caught in my throat, because I really want to write and draw and do stuff with my precious pencil case and stationaries that currently, sadly, once more I have to say, ARE GONE!!!

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Hello March~

I have this other monthly project thing.

I called it Monthly Flower Project.

So, google say March flower is Daffodil.

I just realized I didn’t post the February one… πŸ˜…

I’ll put that one here to..

This one is violet..

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Crochet Project: getting serious

Lately I’ve been into crocheting a lot. 

It started out randomly last month, I was bed-ridden for days before the new year’s eve. I found this unfinished crochet stuff on my mom’s sewing machine. My mom told me she was making a tumbler’s bag and haven’t got any chance to finish it. Since I got nothing to do, I asked my mom to teach me how to crochet. And suddenly I found my self finishing my mom’s tumbler’s bag. Surprisingly, it was kind of fun.

After that, I asked my mom for more yarn and then I crochet away my illness until the new year.

Before I got back to college my mom bought me some crocheting supply. A new hook-pen and some new yarns. 

So I guess that time I’ve decided that crochet is my new kind of thing.

I’ve tried to make some stuffs. Animals head mostly. Rabbit, bear, another bear, another rabbit, bear again, rabbit. I even found out how to make a magic circle by my self and then I realized I could simply googled how. But of course, I stupidly, did not think about that. 

Ears. I have problem with ears. Well, I have problem with all tiny stuffs, but ears are especially a pain. I just don’t understand!!!!!

This is supposed to be a bear. Does it look like a bear? I showed it to some friends and they said it looks like this friend of mine 😐. Now, everytime I look at it, this friend come across my mind. πŸ˜‘

And then, I finally face my first ever serious crocheting project.

So, January 11th is Ratih’s birthday~ yeay.. I and Ulfah decided to give a birthday present. We want to buy something, but we don’t have the time to buy it together. So I said I’m gonna make something hand made. We were thinking what would be nice. At first a crochet doll came to mind. But it won’t do anything and doesn’t have any use. Then we decided a wallet would be better. We gave Ratih a wallet as a birthday present 3 years ago and she has been using it ever since. We thought it’s a good time for her to have a new one.

And.. Here I go.

First we picked the colour together. Blue was the chosen one since Ratih doesn’t have a particular favorite for colours. She’s fine with anything. I bought the yarn on the very next day somewhere far away (and got lost in the process, it was stupid and scary and exhausting 😳).

The chosen yarn

And so, the making process begun.

First I drew the blueprint. It took a while since I wasn’t sure what kind of wallet would be better. What kind of design. Which part should I make first. Aaaah~ it was confusing.

But once I decided, it wasn’t that hard I guess. But I didn’t have all day. It took me 3 days to finish it because I only able to make it at night. 

I worried a lot about how it would turn out. It’s a present so I don’t want it to fail and I got to finished it before the promised day (yesterday). But I got confused a lot. Haaaaaah~ 😩 it was sort of depressing I guess.

But it should be done. So.. i just keep doing it until it finishes. And when it’s done, despite how it turns out, I should say, I am kind of proud of my self. Hahahah πŸ˜‚

Ratih’s new wallet. The hand lettering is made by Ulfah.

So, yes.

I’m happy with the result πŸ˜„

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Trio [I]P[B]GII: 7 Years and counting

Apa itu “[I]P[B]GII”?

“[I]P[B]GII” adalah istilah yang dicetuskan oleh Ulfah. Istilah ini merupan persatuan dari 2 buah institusi pendidikan yang pernah (dan masih) kami jadikan sebagai tempat menimba ilmu.
Halah.. Ribet amat fah~

Intinya mah, itu teh maksudnya IPB + PGII gitu. IPB as you know, Institut Pertanian Bogor. Sebuah Perguran Tinggi Negeri yang kampusnya tersebar di seluruh penjuru wilayah Bogor (ini rada lebay, tapi ykwim) dan saat ini dengan bangga ifah nyatakan sebagai Kampus Tercintah~ ❀ Dan PGII. PGII alias Persatuan Guru Islam Indonesia. Merupakan Yayasan tempat ifah menghabiskan 3 tahun yang (harusnya sih katanya sih) menjadi masa paling indah. 

Jadi ceritanya, trio itu adalah Ifah, Ulfah dan Ratih.

Kami bertiga ketemu di PGII dan ketika lulus kami bertiga diterima kuliah di kampus yang sama. Di IPB.

Pertama kalinya sekolah merantau. Untung aja nggak sendirian.

Selama 4 tahun di IPB kami ber-3 suka cari-cari alasan dan curi-curi kesempatan buat makan bareng dan ngegosip (nggak gosip banget sih..). Pernah juga ajakin warga “[I]P[B]GII” yang lain. Para senior, junior atau yang seangkatan. Tapi hanya 1 kali dan agendanya tidak berlanjut. Susah nentuin jadwal, pada sibuk, lalu menyerah pada keadaan (halah~). Kami ber-3 juga bukannya sering banget kumpul sih. Sekali dua kali, banyak kalinya sih wacana aja. Maklum~ namanya juga mahasiswa.

Hari Senin, tanggal 19 Desember kemaren kami kumpul lagi. Dan kemungkinan besar ini kumpul kami yang terakhir sebagai Mahasiswa di kota hujan ini. Harapannya, kumpul selanjutnya kami sudah jadi Sarjana di kota kembang. Ah ya.. Pas kemaren itu Ulfah udah bukan mahasiswa lagi sih..


Jadi kumpul kemaren itu kami merayakan 3 hal yang berbeda. Wacananya sih udah dari 2 bulan lalu buat merayakan 1 hal doang. Baru terealisasi kemaren dan hal yang harus dirayakan sudah bertambah 2.

3 hal yang kami rayakan kemaren: ulang tahun ifah di bulan Oktober, sidang Ratih di bulan November, dan wisuda Ulfah di bulan Desember. Padat sekali agenda kami…

Mereka, ratih dan ulfah, ternyata punya hadiah buat ifah. Hadiah ulang tahun dari 2 bulan lalu.

Birthday Present~ 🎁

Itu dia hadiahnya. Sketch book merk Canson yang kabarnya harganya mahal dan kertasnya amazing.

Pas dibuka, ternyata halaman pertamanya sudah terisi

Page One. For me

Itu lettering bikinan ulfah. Itu boneka burung hantu apaan? Iya.. Kenalin, nama dia Bowl, salah satu penghuni kasur ifah. Hadiah ulang tahun dari ulfah dan ratih juga tahun lalu.

Trio “[I]P[B]GII”

Kumpul malam itu harus diakhiri menjelang jam 21.00 karena Ratih ada jam malam.
Besoknya, malam ini.. Ifah memutuskan untuk mencoba gambar di sketch book baru itu.

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[caption below]


1st page for me

2nd page for you guys~ πŸ˜—

You have no idea how grateful I am to have such friends that know exactly what I want and what I like.. Bahkan nggak sampai hati meneteskan tinta pertamanya 😒

Hahahah πŸ˜‚


Udah gitu aja..

Makasih gaes~ πŸͺπŸ˜†πŸͺ

Dan benarlah adanya. Kertasnya memang amazing sekaliiiiii~ πŸ˜† saking Amazingnya ifah merasa harus bikin 1 posting khusus buat bahas betapa amazingnya sketch book ini.
Intinya, I’m happy with my birthday present πŸ˜„


Semoga next time kita kumpul.. Well, kita tunggu saja seperti apa nantinya 😊

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Instagram Story: The Shark Family, dudududududu~


First time I heard this was earlier this year from my juniors.

They were singing while moving their fingers and hands and I have no idea what the hell they were doing at the time.

But then,

Last month i guess

I saw this kid that I’m tutoring playing this video from youtube over and over again. So it’s actually a world-wide-well-known-kid-song~

And to tell you the truth, the song has been in my head for the whole week for no reason.

Nobody sings it around me.

There are no any sharks in sight.

Guess my brain love the song~

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Angkot rasa ind*mart

Angkutan Kota
Kendaraan Umum yang tersebar hampir di seluruh wilayah Indonesia

Jurusannya diwakili oleh angka dan warna

Sumber kemacetan yang juga sumber mata pencaharian

Bukan hanya untuk supirnya tapi juga untuk pengamen dan anak jalanan

Kadang-kadang supirnya bisa jualan pulsa atau nawarin cemilan

Tergantung situasi, kondisi dan keadaan

Naik aja dan langsung duduk di pojokan

Dijamin sampai tujuan walau belum tentu nyaman

Dijamin aman karena dituruninnya insyaAllah dipinggir jalan

Tapi maklum aja kalau abangnya berenti di tengah jalan

Artinya lagi nunggu penumpang walau modal untung-untungan

Jangan heran juga kalau abangnya rada emosian

Mungkin lagi kejar setoran atau buru-buru mau jumatan