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February Crochet Project

Mr. Rabbit with his lunch. My February Crochet Project

😰 it’s March 7th already~!!

I’m supposed to post this at the end of February but I was delayed. 😳

But I swear I finished this before March began~ so yeay…

So if anyone wondered (nobody? Okay). Well, IF ANYONE wondered what is that suppose to be. I’ll tell you. It’s a rabbit~

With the long ears and carrot, i thought that it’s kind of obvious. And no.. It’s not just the head, because….

The little butt.. I mean.. tail

Yes!!! It’s actually full body because I made a cute little tail at the back~!!! So it’s not just a rabbit head.
My cousin ask me for the pattern of this rabbit, which of course I don’t have. I can’t read crochet pattern. I don’t even know what kind of stitches these are…

I know I need to learn about how to read pattern soon If I want to improve my next project. So I need someone to teach me or at least a book to read about it…

Aaah.. Do I even have time for that 😰

Lately I feel like I’ve lost grip of my life. Like nothing I’ve planned actually happen. Everything went out of my timeline. Nothing went well. Plus with my current accident.. I have to postpone almost everything. I never imagine that it would be this hard to only have one working hand. Thank god it’s my dominant hand, my right hand, that is working. I can’t imagine if it was my right hand that got hurt. 😰 It also is the reason why I haven’t start doing my march project yet. It is actually difficult to crochet with one hand. But I think I would be able to start this weekend since my left hand has gotten so much better.


I have planned what I’m going to make for my march project. It’s actually a request from a friend. I think it would be easy so my target is to make another one for this month. I haven’t thought about the other one yet.

Well, with everything that is going on in my life right now.. yeah.. not so fine. I think it’s a good thing to have something to be optimistic about. At least it’s making me happy and keeping me busy. Because everyone, if you are not busy, god knows what you will do with your time!! Not so nice stuff.. Geez~

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Crochet Project: getting serious

Lately I’ve been into crocheting a lot. 

It started out randomly last month, I was bed-ridden for days before the new year’s eve. I found this unfinished crochet stuff on my mom’s sewing machine. My mom told me she was making a tumbler’s bag and haven’t got any chance to finish it. Since I got nothing to do, I asked my mom to teach me how to crochet. And suddenly I found my self finishing my mom’s tumbler’s bag. Surprisingly, it was kind of fun.

After that, I asked my mom for more yarn and then I crochet away my illness until the new year.

Before I got back to college my mom bought me some crocheting supply. A new hook-pen and some new yarns. 

So I guess that time I’ve decided that crochet is my new kind of thing.

I’ve tried to make some stuffs. Animals head mostly. Rabbit, bear, another bear, another rabbit, bear again, rabbit. I even found out how to make a magic circle by my self and then I realized I could simply googled how. But of course, I stupidly, did not think about that. 

Ears. I have problem with ears. Well, I have problem with all tiny stuffs, but ears are especially a pain. I just don’t understand!!!!!

This is supposed to be a bear. Does it look like a bear? I showed it to some friends and they said it looks like this friend of mine 😐. Now, everytime I look at it, this friend come across my mind. πŸ˜‘

And then, I finally face my first ever serious crocheting project.

So, January 11th is Ratih’s birthday~ yeay.. I and Ulfah decided to give a birthday present. We want to buy something, but we don’t have the time to buy it together. So I said I’m gonna make something hand made. We were thinking what would be nice. At first a crochet doll came to mind. But it won’t do anything and doesn’t have any use. Then we decided a wallet would be better. We gave Ratih a wallet as a birthday present 3 years ago and she has been using it ever since. We thought it’s a good time for her to have a new one.

And.. Here I go.

First we picked the colour together. Blue was the chosen one since Ratih doesn’t have a particular favorite for colours. She’s fine with anything. I bought the yarn on the very next day somewhere far away (and got lost in the process, it was stupid and scary and exhausting 😳).

The chosen yarn

And so, the making process begun.

First I drew the blueprint. It took a while since I wasn’t sure what kind of wallet would be better. What kind of design. Which part should I make first. Aaaah~ it was confusing.

But once I decided, it wasn’t that hard I guess. But I didn’t have all day. It took me 3 days to finish it because I only able to make it at night. 

I worried a lot about how it would turn out. It’s a present so I don’t want it to fail and I got to finished it before the promised day (yesterday). But I got confused a lot. Haaaaaah~ 😩 it was sort of depressing I guess.

But it should be done. So.. i just keep doing it until it finishes. And when it’s done, despite how it turns out, I should say, I am kind of proud of my self. Hahahah πŸ˜‚

Ratih’s new wallet. The hand lettering is made by Ulfah.

So, yes.

I’m happy with the result πŸ˜„

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November project?

Well, now that October ends.. or.. ended.. I got nothing left to do.

Hmm.. Probably not nothing, since I’ve been actually busy with.. my future.. God~ let’s not talk about that 😩

Anyway.. I’ve been thinking about what kind of project I should do for November, because Inktober was so much fun. It’s kind of taking my mind off things~ I actually googled it. What kind of project available on November?

There’s a list.. That I couldn’t remember. Most of November’s projects that I could find was all about literacy and friends. Like, making a novel in november or one poet a day on november .. They even have the abbrevation for them, no-something-something…i don’t remember. The point is.. I don’t think I’m interested

So, I was like..

Why don’t you make your own project? Because you’re so creative and all (yea~ not so much).. And because you might go nuts if you don’t have anything to take your minds of things

Yes, and I’ve been looking for some options since then..

Maybe a crafty project? I made this a couple of days ago

I was walking down the street and just randomly stop at this shop that sells that kind of stuff and.. This happen~

Certain things that need to be considered are, this project actually cost me. I need to buy the materials, which even though they’re not pricey, but compare to Inktober which cost me pretty much nothing.. I have to take second thought~

The second option is.. Well I don’t know what to call this one..

Did this with koi on the same paper from inktober

Yepp, I’m thinking a watercolour project. But not just take a photo of the finished result, I also took ones for the process. So the ending photo would be like that one πŸ‘†, like in steps..
It doesn’t cost me anything, just like Inktober. Though I’m thinking of buying a new sketchbook, the watercolour one. Because this one, they all peeled off due to the water from my watercolour..

So.. Yeah.. I think I’ll go with the second one. Don’t know if I found other project ideas midway though~

Hmm.. Need to find a better name for the project πŸ˜•