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February Crochet Project

Mr. Rabbit with his lunch. My February Crochet Project

😰 it’s March 7th already~!!

I’m supposed to post this at the end of February but I was delayed. 😳

But I swear I finished this before March began~ so yeay…

So if anyone wondered (nobody? Okay). Well, IF ANYONE wondered what is that suppose to be. I’ll tell you. It’s a rabbit~

With the long ears and carrot, i thought that it’s kind of obvious. And no.. It’s not just the head, because….

The little butt.. I mean.. tail

Yes!!! It’s actually full body because I made a cute little tail at the back~!!! So it’s not just a rabbit head.
My cousin ask me for the pattern of this rabbit, which of course I don’t have. I can’t read crochet pattern. I don’t even know what kind of stitches these are…

I know I need to learn about how to read pattern soon If I want to improve my next project. So I need someone to teach me or at least a book to read about it…

Aaah.. Do I even have time for that 😰

Lately I feel like I’ve lost grip of my life. Like nothing I’ve planned actually happen. Everything went out of my timeline. Nothing went well. Plus with my current accident.. I have to postpone almost everything. I never imagine that it would be this hard to only have one working hand. Thank god it’s my dominant hand, my right hand, that is working. I can’t imagine if it was my right hand that got hurt. 😰 It also is the reason why I haven’t start doing my march project yet. It is actually difficult to crochet with one hand. But I think I would be able to start this weekend since my left hand has gotten so much better.


I have planned what I’m going to make for my march project. It’s actually a request from a friend. I think it would be easy so my target is to make another one for this month. I haven’t thought about the other one yet.

Well, with everything that is going on in my life right now.. yeah.. not so fine. I think it’s a good thing to have something to be optimistic about. At least it’s making me happy and keeping me busy. Because everyone, if you are not busy, god knows what you will do with your time!! Not so nice stuff.. Geez~