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Lost Things

You won’t realize how precious something is until you lost it.

In this case it doesn’t work that way. Why? Because I know how precious it is and I did take a very good care of it before it’s gone. And now it’s gone, I’m heart broken, devastated, and any other words that describe how sad I am right now.

So, what ‘it‘ is?

This is it

This is a one minute creation on instagram story of my precious pencil case. 

What makes it precious? Well, for one, it’s cute. For two, the flower was not originally part of the pencil case. My good friend gave it too me and I decided to put it there because the colours match and it looked like it belong there. What makes it even more precious are the things inside. 4 Years worth of cute and highly functional stationaries. And now, the pencil case and everything attached to it are gone.

So, maybe you’ll wonder. How could I lose something that precious if I really did took good care of it? The answer is, I don’t know. I don’t even remember when was the last time I had them in my hand. It happened around 2 latest week when my hands mobility were restricted (how cryptic..). And now that it’s free. I can’t find it. Anywhere!!!!

It’s not in my loft. It’s not at my home. It’s not at the lab. It’s not at the office. I’m pretty sure I won’t left it someplace random that I visited. I thought I maybe left it on my friend’s loft, but she said I didn’t. So… I’m all out of option here.

Sure.. I can always buy a new one. Fill it with new things. I mean, come on, this is not the first time I lost things, hell, I lost things everytime. So, why all the drama?

Well, sometimes, and I mean, most of the times. When I lost things, and decided to buy a new one, the lost things will turn up after I bought the new one. It’s one thing if I didn’t put much effort on to looking for it. Maybe I just being careless. Maybe it just slipped my sight. That would be okay. But this time, I did look thoroughly, I put every effort, and I thought every possible possibilities. It would be super annoying if I finally decided to buy new everything and then suddenly my lost things fall out of nowhere. 

And that is why I put all my might to restrain my self from buying new stuff. I don’t want to have double of everything when I finally found the lost ones after I bought the new ones. It would be a waste of money and really sad and ironic. 

So.. NO!!!!!

Now, I can’t write and draw, and that feels like something caught in my throat, because I really want to write and draw and do stuff with my precious pencil case and stationaries that currently, sadly, once more I have to say, ARE GONE!!!

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Instagram Story: The Shark Family, dudududududu~


First time I heard this was earlier this year from my juniors.

They were singing while moving their fingers and hands and I have no idea what the hell they were doing at the time.

But then,

Last month i guess

I saw this kid that I’m tutoring playing this video from youtube over and over again. So it’s actually a world-wide-well-known-kid-song~

And to tell you the truth, the song has been in my head for the whole week for no reason.

Nobody sings it around me.

There are no any sharks in sight.

Guess my brain love the song~