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Why You Blogging

Because I want to tell stories. About what I did today or yesterday. About random things that happen to be funny. About feelings and the sad things that come with it.

Because I want to tell stories. To friends that I don’t have. To families that happen to be miles away. To important person that do not to care.

Also because of my narcissistic personality that believed everybody want to hear my stories.

That. Or I’m just delusional.

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Hal-hal baik yang seharusnya dicapai di tahun 2017.


Yap, hal paling penting emang harus ditaro paling pertama. Kata siapa orang penting datangnya terakhir? Salah!! Yang penting harus didahulukan. Makanya dia harus datang pertama. Dan tahun 2017, hal paling penting bagi Ifah adalah MENYANDANG GELAR SARJANA. Karena gelar sarjana bukanlah sekedar 3 huruf yang akan nempel di belakang nama kita. Gelar sarjana adalah uang jutaan yang dikeluarkan dan segala waktu dan kepusingan yang terjadi selama 4 tahun. Yah~ itu lumayan terdengar PENTING BANGET kan~

Jadi, GO IFAH!

2. Menuntaskan “Graduation Project” 100%

Nggak.. Seriusan.. Ini nggak penting banget. Tapi ini adalah amazing on-going project yang tertunda dan terabaikan, jangan sampai dia terlupakan. Ayo jangan kerja setengah-setengah!! 1 wajah per hari. Itu kayak, mengorbankan 15 menit waktu santai untuk mengerjakan PR. Can you do that? YOU HAVE TO!!

3. 1 Crochet-Doll per month

Practice makes perfect. Walau practice-nya memakan waktu 12 bulan. Gak papa~ ifah kan bukannya pengangguran yang punya banyak waktu luang.

4. Widening my reading repertoire

Sudah saatnya menghentikan segala kebingungan yang disebabkan oleh ketidakpedulian atas topik-topik serius dan realis. You are grown up.. Now please do mature up!

5. Control my mood: Fixing up my attitude

No further explanation needed. Sudah terlalu banyak korban.


For no reason, I feel kinda awesome this night. Hopefully this can be some kind of reminder when I feel not-so-awesome in the future.

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It’s still January

I want to meet those persons who’ve made their last 16 days super productive and made them selves totally usefull.

I want to meet them and just ask them to live my life.

But that would be impossible since we do not live in Freaky Friday movie. Even Lindsay Lohan knows better to forget about that piece.

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Welcoming 2017

It’s January 10th (the last couple hours) and I’m welcoming 2017. It’s never too late for a welcome party, and since I’m not gonna throw any party, the more reason I shouldn’t feel wrong to welcome it 10 days after it actually came.

So, can we all be relieved that we passed 2016 in one piece~ fyuuuh~ to tell you the truth 2016 has been the weirdest year I’ve ever lived on. And I think I’m not the only one with the thought.

For me personally, it was amusing yet nerve wrecking at the same time. And it was exciting yet kinda lame at the same time. It was a confusing year. It was.. Too much I suppose~ Too many life turning moments happened in 2016, I can’t even remember each and every one properly. So no.. I’m not going to do any cliché flash backs. Everything I need to remember, i will remember, and everything that I don’t. I won’t. If I ended up not remembering anything from 2016.. Well, perhaps they are not worth to remember.

Talking about new year.. Of course, we can’t forget about the new year eve. That one second that will change the last number of the year. That one number that trigger all the fire works around the world. I what did I do?

I… Don’t remember..

This is weird,, i was sure I remember that moment before I plan to write this post…

Meh~ who cares..

But I do remember what I did on the last day of 2016 and the first day of 2017.

I made lots of food related picture on Instagram story on the last day of 2016.

And for the first day on 2017, I went to a funeral.

How many people in this world went to a funeral at the beginning of the year? Well, I know a few. I was one of them.
It was around 4 pm when the news came. My cousin left this world at a young age. 2 years younger than me. She had been hospitalized since her birthday, at the beginning of december. She had a surgery on the new year eve and reportedly had gain conscious on the evening. So we were all relieved back then.

So when my aunt weirdly ask my parents our where-about. We suspected nothing. We were miles away from the hospital and going exactly to the opposite direction. When she revealed that my cousin just passed away, we were taken aback.

My father decided to cancel our plan for the night and took a u-turn.

I don’t have much memory of her since her family lived across the island. She just moved to my hometown for college but I was also away for the same reason. I was sad to lose a cousin. But the fact that I lost her without knowing her that well and now I don’t have any chance to, is.. That is just.. Devastating.

To say, it was a sad way to start the year. I think it would be inappropriate. And unfair, considering I still have more chances to enjoy the year while my cousin has none. Well, had…

So.. It was definately not a happy way. But I don’t want to say that it was sad, although it actually was. It was.. Complicated. Unsure. I don’t know…

And that is how.. I start my 2017.

I’ve spent 10 days in this year being all wasted, unproductive and bored. And 10 minutes toward the 11th day, I still have no idea how to make it any better.