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Inktober: Special for finale

The messy room for messy life
The noisy friends at silent night

Well.. It finally comes to an end..

So, extra effort as my farewell kisses~

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Inktober 2016

wp-image-449506224jpg.jpgOw ow oooooow~

What is this what is thiiiis???

It’s INKTOBER. And just like how it sounds, it’s when Ink meet October. Sounds good~

Anyway, it’s some artistry project that started back at 2009 by some guy named Jake Parker (let’s call him JP). The point is to challenge you to make one art everyday for a whole month, in this case, the month of October, with a spesific media, which obviously is Ink. Now you understand why inktober.

My sister has started her inktober thing since 2013 (i guess) and it seems fun! She told me and my other siblings to try it out, but I guess we’re never as consistent as she ever is. I mean, sometimes we missed some days, sometimes we even forgot to start and suddenly the october passed. Of course we could always made up our own inkovember or inkesember or inkanuary or other ink-somethings. But it wouldn’t be the same and wouldn’t be as fun as inktober because, first, it doesn’t sound as good as inktober and, second, nobody will do it with you. Inktober is fun, in my opinion, is because it’s huge and everybody -well, not everybody, but you know what I mean- is doing it.

Every year, a few days before october, I always have this urge or determination to do this inktober. But in the end, like I said, i never be able to finish it, or even worse, to start it.

And again, this year, the urge or determination came again to me. But, lately, I’ve been approached by the new world order, called technology. Yes yes.. I’ve been drawn to make some digital arts and it’s fun!! And i’m scared i’m going to lose control over my hand to draw traditionally (yes, i’m exaggerating). So that’s why I think inktober is the perfect opportunity to practice with my hand again.

So, i’ve follow two inktober accounts on instagram. One is the official one started by JP (@inktober) and the other is the indonesian one started by i don’t know who (

I hope by following these accounts, it will be a self reminder that I have to be consistent at my own determination.

Every year, inktober made the themes for each day for the whole month. Yes, that means there are 31 themes to complete the mission. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow those themes. You could draw anything you want. They’re just guides to help you when you lack of ideas and you don’t know what to draw. And that is when the nightmare called inconsistency usually begin. So, thank god they make these themes for us.

Inktober and give us different themes, and that is good. That means 31 more themes for us~


Those are the themes~

Now now,

I’ve made my first inktober art. And it’s all about consistency. Because only with consistency, you can complete the mission. Well, of course don’t forget the paper and ink~


Oh and by the way, that ugly inktober lettering above..

Yeah.. That’s mine too.